Client Testimonials

I would like to express how pleased I have been in my experience with Platinum Personnel. Having a home based business, I never thought having a temp would work out for me. I had a lot of preconceived ideas on why I could not have a temp come in and help me.

When you took the time to really explain how it really is possible and that I would have input on who was chosen it really made sense for me. I mean sense and cents! We found a great fit for my needs. Someone who is flexible and very qualified for what I needed. It has been a pleasure working with her and it has allowed me to focus on many different areas that are more in line with revenue making tasks as opposed to admin tasks. I would highly recommend the services of Platinum Personnel, especially for small and home based businesses. In fact, I have actually referred a few people your way, who have also been very pleased.

– Judy Basso, Judy Basso Events & Mentoring

We have used the services of Platinum Personnel for several temporary hires, and some of these have become permanent as the caliber of employees has been excellent. Platinum Personnel has saved us time and money with their pre-screening services and their ability to match candidates to the positions we have had available. I would recommend them to any size of business that is looking to hire qualified candidates that are able to bring value to their company in the shortest time possible. Thanks!

 Confidential Client, Kelowna

We have used Platinum Personnel’s recruitment services for the last 5 years.  Right from the start, they impressed us with their professional and efficient manner an approach that not only inspired confidence but generated the results we were looking for.

Heather understands our company culture and business. She has continually provided us with high caliber, talented individuals for a variety of functional areas and levels. Platinum Personnel confirms to us that we’ve partnered with the right recruitment firm.


– Cindy PalmerDirector HR, Andrew Peller Ltd.

When we decided to open another terminal in West Kelowna, we enlisted the services of Platinum Personnel. We believed we would have more success using a local party for recruitment in this region. One year later we have added 6 new team members from admin to executives.

Platinum’s professionalism shines through in their due diligence process and they truly spent the time to get to know our organization. Proper recruitment leads to higher success in retention. Thank you to the Platinum Team for strengthening our organization.
D. Sutherland, VP Sutco Transportation Specialists

I am pleased to provide a testimonial and recommendation for Platinum Personnel. I personally was an employee with this agency for a time, obtained a full time permanent position via their services which put me into the position of being able to utilize their professional services to staff my office at times of need.

The staff at Platinum Personnel has always been outstanding in their customer service and commitment to helping find the right person to fit a role, whether it is for a temporary one or a role that becomes more permanent. They have provided well qualified candidates that are eager and willing to represent Platinum Personnel.

I would have no hesitation to ever work with/for Platinum Personnel if the situation arose, nor would I hesitate to refer their services for anyone seeding temporary of long term staffing solutions.

– C. DillmanLakeview Memorial Gardens Cemetery

I’ve been referring clients to Platinum since approximately 2000 when working within employment services in Vernon for 2-3 private enterprises holding government-sponsored contracts. I never once heard anything bad about the services clients received. I was with CBD Network’s Vernon office that closed down last year and this year decided to join forces with Stacey Taylor who operates Virtual Job Search Coach and who also has interacted many times in positive ways with Platinum.

The moment I walked in the door I had a ‘wow’ response. The professional décor, Crystal’s wonderful and genuine welcome and the immediate availability of Heather and Kim to meet us and chat further about your services. It was clearer to me than ever just how your firm is one of those rare and valuable ‘consummate professional operations’.

– Susan Neilly, Virtual Job Search Coach

Applicant Testimonials

I have been an office temp with Platinum Personnel from the beginning, off and on. Doing the skills tests is fabulous because the recruiters know my skill level and abilities.

I have been available as my schedule permits with my part-time work and family responsibilities and the ladies at Platinum are very accommodating. They offer a number of different assignments, even when they know that my schedule might not match. The assignments are varied and working with other temps is always fun because they are fabulous.

I have referred many people who are transitioning or looking for something different to contact Platinum Personnel because they have a finger on the pulse of the local job market.

Paula H.

Platinum Personnel was recommended to me through a friend. From the first time I had a meeting with them made me feel very comfortable and at ease. The customer service is tremendous and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone else seeking employment.

 Becky A

My husband and I moved to Kelowna from Saskatoon late June, 2010; he was retiring but I still wanted to work. My background was customer service and admin work. I thought it would be “easy” to land a great job given my experience and mature years, but I was mistaken. After answering numerous on-line and newspaper employment ads and getting nowhere, I was very discouraged.

I needed help! I looked up employment agencies online and found there were quite a few, but I didn’t have a clue which one would be right for me so I went to “apply” at a couple of them, including Platinum. I’m not sure if they were aware, but I was also interviewing them to see if they would be a fit for me. I decided on Platinum for a number of reasons including their name….what better indication of service than “Platinum”??

The main reasons for me signing with Platinum were their professionalism, honesty, integrity, and sincerity. After the initial interview, I was asked to complete some admin tests (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.). Kim was very honest with me saying that at the time there really weren’t many jobs available, but she would keep me in mind. A couple of weeks later, I got the call for a placement – very wonderful place of employment – that lasted about 7 weeks. I then worked on another assignment for a couple of weeks. I was then placed for a 2-3 week assignment in November and I’m still there, except as a permanent employee.

The assignments where I worked were very reputable businesses who treated me very well and were very familiar with Platinum as they had used their services before. If the businesses where I worked are examples of the firms that employ the services of Platinum Personnel, then Platinum has a very good reputation.

As a former job hunter, I would strongly recommend Platinum Personnel to job hunters and companies.

 Gloria M.

I arrived in Kelowna from Newfoundland, via teaching ESL Korea, in September of 2010, without a plan for employment, but with an Education degree in hand and a background in ESL teaching and some administrative work.

Any teaching work was already filled, so I applied for EVERY administrative position that was advertised. I sent my resume to employment agencies, including Platinum Personnel, and applied to grocery stores and coffee shops.

The grocery stores and coffee shops told me I was overqualified; the administrative positions ignored my applications, perhaps because of my Education degree or lack of recent administrative work. To say I started to panic is an understatement.

Only one employment agency got back to me – Platinum Personnel. I went in for an interview with Kim and we connected immediately, above and beyond my over- or under-qualifications. She has a knack for seeing the potential in people and for recognizing their work ethic, their spirit and their attitude above anything else.

I was then regularly, albeit temporarily, employed, thanks to Platinum, for the following months — including a 6-week replacement position that turned into a 3-month position that was hard to leave.

I met many wonderful employers and co-workers and always knew Platinum was looking for a job for me even harder than I was. (And I was looking hard!)

A couple of months ago, I had secured a part-time job as an ESL teacher, but Kim called one evening and said…“I have the perfect job for you!” I made the tough decision of quitting the ESL job to try out this “perfect” full-time job.

Turns out, she was right.

I am now happily employed in a professional, energetic, challenging and supportive office full-time, thanks to Platinum Personnel and their attention and dedication. Thanks so much!

 Rhonda H.

“I moved to Kelowna, from Edmonton, in April 2015. Before moving, I had done my research for a reputable placement agency and Platinum Personnel was the place to go. Shortly after my arrival I was placed with one of their clients to utilize my Administrative and Business Assistant background. I never looked back and thanks to Platinum, I am gainfully employed! The staff at Platinum are professional, friendly and always supportive. No matter what your reason for seeking their assistance, it’s a move in the right direction.”

Carol M.

I have had the pleasure in dealing with Platinum Personnel both as an applicant and as an employer and can only highly recommend their services. I moved from Vancouver in early 2015 and Platinum was the only agency willing to meet with me on a “fact-finding mission” regarding the job market in Kelowna. Needless to say, I moved here permanently and Platinum has found a suitable position for me that fits my current lifestyle. From an employer’s perspective, Platinum will find a suitable candidate to suit a company’s needs. So, from both perspectives, that of a job-seeker and an employer, Platinum Personnel is a good partner to have.
Crystal H.

Heather understands our company culture and business. She has continually provided us with high caliber, talented individuals for a variety of functional areas and levels. Platinum Personnel confirms to us that we’ve partnered with the right recruitment firm.


– Cindy PalmerDirector HR, Andrew Peller Ltd.