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6 Reasons to Try ‘Temp’ Work

Did you know Platinum Personnel offers both permanent AND temporary employment options? Here are just a few reasons you can benefit from registering with a temp employment agency!

1. Extra Income, Less Pressure

-Earning a wage from temporary or contract work lessens any financial burden while you are in between jobs or during periods of transition.

2. Try Before You Buy

– Temp work gives you the opportunity to test our new environments and varied roles to determine the type of employment you are best suited to

3. Build Your Resume

-Whether you’re new to the workforce, returning to it, or looking to make a career change, temporary employment gives you the opportunity to add new skills and experience to your resume. It also minimizes “gaps” on your resume that may be of concern to some potential employers

4. Make Connections

-Every temp job gives you an opportunity to meet new people and you never know where a contact may lead. In some cases, temporary roles can turn into permanent employment for the right candidate.

5. Flexibility

-Temp jobs typically offer more flexibility than a permanent role with options for part-time, full-time, weekdays or weekends, as well as short term (daily, weekly) or more long term assignments (monthly)

6. Demonstrate Your Value

-When you’re reliable and committed to temporary assignments, it indicates to recruiters and potential employers that you’ll be a dedicated permanent employee as well. Temp work can be a great way to make a name for yourself and to use it as a stepping stone for future advancement

If you’re interested in temporary employment opportunities in the Okanagan, send us your resume HERE!