Permanent Placements

Platinum Personnel provides businesses with a full recruitment services process to ensure we find higher quality candidates while making the hiring process less time consuming and more consistent with your corporate needs and philosophy. With our full recruitment services, every candidate is screened, interviewed, referenced, and when applicable, tested. From Labor through Executive Level placements, you see only those candidates that are a confirmed fit for your company.

Recruitment Services

Our full recruitment services process includes:

  • Advertising- Searching our computerized database for the initial long list of candidates and/or running an advertisement.
  • Pre-Screening- Conducting email, telephone and in-depth personal interviews with computer testing to narrow the list of qualified candidates. We then provide a short list of resumes for your review and consideration.
  • Candidate Analysis- Completing thorough reference checks to confirm interview information and verify qualifications.
  • Key Liaison- Organizing and arranging the interview process, providing your offer of employment to the successful candidate and contacting unsuccessful candidates.
  • We protect the confidentiality of the search, work within your time constraints, and provide third-party objectivity. All applicant information remains the property of Platinum Personnel. We proudly offer a 90 day – no questions asked replacement guarantee with our full recruitment services.

Temporary Placements

Platinum Personnel offers temporary employee recruitment services to meet your short-term, seasonal and/or unexpected staffing needs. We handle it all, which makes the process cost-effective and convenient for you. You have no severance costs, no vacation pay or pension payouts, no records of employment and no government remittances to worry about.

Upon receiving your request for temporary assistance, our recruitment services process begins:

Kelowna Employee
  • Immediate referral to our “hotlist” of candidates—those temporary employees who have already been interviewed, tested and are ready at a moment’s notice.
  • Addition of the selected candidate onto our payroll. We will take care of their pay cheques, vacation pay, government remittances, records of employment and any unusual payroll issues that may arise.
  • The temp employee can remain on our payroll for as long or as short a period as you choose.

Platinum Personnel’s recruitment services offer a temp to perm philosophy that allows you to see the candidate in action for as long as you need without the obligation of offering them a permanent position. If/when you decide to make them a permanent part of your team, your placement fee is reduced proportionately to the period of time the candidate has been working for you.

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Platinum Personnel, a privately owned company, was established in 1999 as a full-service personnel agency. Our team brings a combined 35 years’ experience within Personnel and Human Resources and we are skilled at providing quality candidates to businesses in all occupations and industries.

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