Top 10 Jobs in Kelowna for Recent Graduates

jobs in Kelowna

In 2018, Okanagan Valley has become the land of opportunity. Mostly this is particularly true for new graduates searching for work in the Kelowna area. If you are a local graduate seeking employment, you should definitely consider the following jobs in Kelowna.

Real Estate Agent

Kelowna’s housing market has seen an impressive boom in the past year as citizens depart Vancouver’s overpriced housing market in search of greener (and more affordable) pastures. As a result, the need for new talent in the Kelowna Real Estate industry has never been greater.

Programmer or Software Analyst

The tech industry in Kelowna has grown into a 1.3 billion dollar industry, and is known as B.C.’s very own Silicon Valley. Because of resources such as  Accelerate Okanagan help to draw in tech businesses from around the globe, there’s no better time or place to be a graduate in computer science.

Tour Guide / Tourism Associate

With its sunny weather, nearby wineries, and beautiful Okanagan lake, it’s no wonder that Kelowna enjoys a booming tourism industry. Therefore, there are many opportunities to serve in tourism, ranging from guided boat tours, wine tasting servers to instructing at ski resorts.

Healthcare Administrator

Majority of job vacancies are located in the city’s General Hospital and the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine, whose campus is located in (remove-South Central) Kelowna. As a result,  Healthcare industry currently accounts for 27% of all job vacancies in the Kelowna area.

Horticulture Specialist

One of Kelowna’s biggest economic assets is its agriculture. The Okanagan area is a thriving expanse of farmland that includes wineries, lavender farms, and various types of orchards. Due to this factor, any student with a background in horticulture or agriculture will find many opportunities awaiting them in Kelowna.

Civil Engineer

The B.C. government expects to see as many as 6000 or more jobs in the construction industry by 2025. This is the ideal role for the graduate with a civil engineering degree or diploma in construction technology.

Marketing Strategist

Kelowna and its surrounding area is teeming with new businesses and entrepreneurs. Due to this, startup businesses are looking for a talented marketing strategist who can get the word out about their service or product.

Human Resources Specialist

More jobs in Kelowna create a greater need for H.R. specialists. Furthermore, B.C. government predicts this sector will see a considerable increase in employment opportunities within the next 5-10 years.


Kelowna’s growing community needs architects to design and create plans for new buildings, whether they be commercial, institutional, or residential. Architects require a three-year internship and an exam with the provincial association. However, the effort is worth it; the government predicts there will be over 1400 jobs for architects by 2025.

Sales Executive

Getting into sales is a great opportunity for the extroverted business administration graduate who loves to connect with people face to face. Today, every business needs outside sales associates who are adept at meeting potential clients and closing deals.


Regardless of industry or field of study, there is no shortage of exciting  opportunities for different jobs in Kelowna.

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Why Jobs in Okanagan are on the Rise

Jobs in Okanagan

2017 was an impressive year for Okanagan region job market. Within the span of one year, Kelowna – the largest city in Okanagan Valley – went from having the worst job market in Canada, to being number one. The number of jobs in Okanagan has increased a whopping 14.3% in 2017, and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

So what’s the reason behind the growth? Here are three major factors contributing to the rise of jobs in Okanagan:


The technology sector in particular has had a significant impact on Okanagan. In just three years, tech has grown 30% to become a 1.3 billion dollar industry. QHR and Disney Interactive are sector leaders that paved the way for new tech businesses and are further enabled by Accelerate Okanagan. AO is a not-for-profit organization that provides tech business with mentorship and connections needed to succeed in Okanagan.

New Developments

Aside from the technology sector, Okanagan has seen impressive growth among a number of other industries. Healthcare, Tourism, Agriculture, and Manufacturing, have all become economic strengths within the region.

From an international investment standpoint, it’s far cheaper to open a business in Okanagan than in the lower mainland. The Business Development Bank of Canada also offers more support to small businesses and programs for local Okanagan businesses. As a result, entrepreneurs are flocking to the region.

Great Community

There are a number of compelling reasons to relocate to Okanagan. It’s a beautiful place to live, with Okanagan Lake is one of the regions highlights. Okanagan has a better weather and more sun, than its rainier counterpart in the Lower Mainland.  

The thriving agriculture in Okanagan means access to fresh local produce. And of course, those enjoy wine will also be attracted to the 30+ wineries in the region!

Finally, Okanagan has become a far more affordable place to live compared to Vancouver’s dramatically inflated housing market.


For the recently graduated who looking to enter the workforce, Okanagan is an excellent place to begin your career. The Okanagan and Kelowna area offers the best of both worlds: opportunities to thrive your industry while enjoying a high quality lifestyle.

5 Reasons to Hire Kelowna Recruitment Agency

Kelowna recruitment agency

Why Hire Kelowna Recruitment Agency?

Kelowna is a growing community with an exploding job market: Jobs in Kelowna increased by 14.3% in 2017, and ranked as the number one job market in the country! To find the perfect hire in this rapidly growing marketplace, you need a local professional who has not only the industry expertise, but also constantly monitors the local job seeking community. That’s where Kelowna Recruitment Agency comes handy.

Here are five reason you should use a Kelowna recruitment agency:

Saves Company Time

Reviewing resumes can be a poor use of company time, especially if it results in the wrong hire. Recruiters do all the screening, interviewing, skill testing, and background checking. Afterwards, employer needs only to cherry-pick from the recruiters’ carefully vetted shortlist.

Saves Company Money

An in-house hiring manager spends a lot of money and resources through advertising, interviewing, background checking, and training. As a result the costs can quickly add up and exceed the company budget.

Kelowna recruitment agency can provide predictable hiring costs that are in alignment with the budget. Furthermore, their industry expertise can help negotiate an appropriate salary while still securing the best candidate.

Recruitment Expertise

A good recruiter will act as an ambassador of your company brand to candidates within your industry. They can provide candidates with insight on the work culture and company vision. Much as, a professional recruiter also knows their candidates’ individual work histories and strengths. They will take the time to ensure the candidate is the right fit for the company’s long-term goals before adding them to their shortlist.

Better Local Connections

Usually, recruitment agencies are better-connected than in-house hiring managers. They already have a pool of top-tier candidates that may be the right match for your business. As well, many of the best candidates are not actively applying to jobs, and recruiters know how to find them. They have an extensive network of contacts that they can utilize to connect you with these hard-to-find candidates.

Improves Community Reputation

A Kelowna-based recruitment agency can help you make the right hire and reduce company turnover. Over time, this creates a long-term, cohesive team of employees. Furthermore, good hiring decisions build up a company’s reputation by having staff that provides top-quality service to their clients.


Whether it’s an entry-level administrator or a seasoned manager, who you hire can impact the success of your business. Take the guesswork out of making the right call by utilizing the services of a local Kelowna recruitment agency.